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Soul Meets Body | Death Cab For Cutie
You’re the only song I want to hear, a
Melody softly soaring through my atmosphere
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First time wearing my retainer in two weeks. It’s so uncomfortable I’m probably going to have a dream about my teeth falling out again.

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Coldplay – Magic (Behind the Scenes)

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Round and round
I won’t run away this time
Till you show me what this life is for
Round and round
I’m not gonna let you change my mind
Till you show me what this life is for

Imagine Dragons

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Waiting for the bus stop
Waiting for the concrete black top to settle down
Long enough for me to get off and get a little ground

Islands, Sara Bareilles

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what the fuck is this shit

release the penguins

insert peanuts

are those ten fortes

I see two dinosaurs nuzzling each other.

EIGHT NOTE CHORDS? What instrument(s) is this for? An octopus??

Its called the Death Waltz, and was written as a joke but people have attempted it on piano.

Saxes move downstage.

I’ll just leave this here.


Reblogging for the link. That’s fucking incredible. 

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"Clair de Lune" - Claude Debussy

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We started recording our original song in SRII today. It’s either gonna actually sound pretty good, or utterly horrendous. 

Basic rhythm section sounds good though! 

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If “Say Something” didn’t make you cry before, it will now. 

Say Something, Anthem Lights (A Great Big World cover)

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Oh, you go to sleep on your own,
And you wake each day with your thoughts
And it scares you being alone,
It’s a last resort

Sleepsong, Bastille

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Coldplay - Magic (Official Video)

I just freaking love their videos so much. <3

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Wait, they don’t love you like I love you.

Maps, The Fray (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)

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We all have that one friend…

Normally I don’t reblog stuff that doesn’t have to do with music, but it’s 2:30 and this irritated me a bit. I’m the friend that does better on assignments with less effort. I never share my grades with other people unless they ask, and when they do, and I tell them what I got, it’s always “oh my God I hate you so much”, “I pulled an all-nighter studying”, and my personal favorite “can I just have your brain?” etc. Let me get one thing straight. I work my ass off. No, I don’t stay up til ungodly hours of the night studying because I value sleep more than my grades, but sometimes I just understand things easier and I will give you as much help as you want on a subject if you just ask. But don’t get pissy with me because I did something better than you, when I wasn’t going to even tell you about it in the first place. 

Morning rant over. 

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Sorry I’m late with getting these posted, but as soon as I got back to school I had to do Probability and Statistics homework. Yay. Anyways, these were the pictures that I took from the Pentatonix concert on Saturday night at the D.A.R. Constitution Hall. The acoustics in that place were insane. PTX opened up with the Daft Punk medley (perfect choice) and then continued on to give us the background story about how the group formed, how they joined up with Avi and Kevin, and what it was like performing on The Sing-Off. PTX performed the song they auditioned with (Telephone, Lady Gaga) and other songs from competing on the show. They did both the Evolution of Beyonce and the Evolution of Music, several original songs (Run to You was even off-mic!!!!), and songs that showcased specific talent. For example, we got to see Kevin perform his original piece on the cello while beat-boxing. Mitch has a better range than Adam Lambert (I still think he’s amazing though) and Scott can actually sing bass! Kirstie was just flawless in everything she sang, especially Say Something. One of the funniest parts of the concert was when they brought a poor, unsuspecting girl onstage and sang Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get it On. Avi and Scott got up close and personal while simultaneously shattering the dreams of all the single (or not) women in the auditorium. They sang for 2 hours, no intermission, including the encore (“P-T-X, P-T-X, P-T-X”)! The whole show was amazing and if you ever get a chance to see them live (like if you are around TCNJ tonight for instance, they will be performing there), DO IT. You won’t regret it I promise. They are so unbelievable talented. 

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Found some new songs with this playlist! 


Found some new songs with this playlist! 

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